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Thursday, August 6, 2015

To Bike or Not to Bike

To bike or not to bike? That is the question.

Gary has had motorcycles off and on, all his driving life. Fifty years of riding and now, after a shoulder injury, and a decision to downsize, the Harley sells to a new owner ... today.

The decision was and continues to be extremely difficult. 

There's nothing like driving by the fragrance of fields of clover in summer, the breeze, warm as a massage, feeling every nuance of the road. Nothing like the scent of moisture in the wind, the sudden downpour and sitting it out under a highway overpass or beneath a cluster of maples, just talking until the sun dries the road.

Selling the Harley is rough for each of us but particularly for Gary. Driving is Gary's favourite form of meditation. He forgets his worries and the to-do's, the bills and the challenges when he is on the bike.

Gary went out for a ride yesterday. These pictures are of him getting the bike ready and leaving the driveway. He enjoyed the time by himself, one last trip.

But, it's time. "Not to bike" is the answer.

It's been a good run.


Jane Tims said...

Hi Carol. I was a biker in my twenties so I know the feeling. A great way to see landscape just not visible from a car. Growing older means letting go of some things but there are new things to embrace. Jane

Carol Steel said...

Thanks for the empathy, Jane. We both have spent many hours riding over the years, in separate lives and in this shared one. There is something about the open air that you don't get in a car. But as you say, there are new things to embrace. The man who bought our bike absolutely loves it so that feels good. We'll be open for whatever is next in our lives. And I'm thankful that Gary isn't trying to keep on riding with his weakened shoulder. That is wisdom.

Unknown said...

Thanks Carol. You describe the feeling I had when I had a bike for several years. Every time I saw Gary go on the bike, I wished I was able to go with him. I'm glad to see he has a buyer. It is hard to let go, but life moves us on. Bob

Carol Steel said...

Yes, Bob, life does move on. We are adjusting to life with no motorcycle though it still sometimes jars us when we open the garage door and note its absence.