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Thursday, June 14, 2012



longest living


hardiest of all perennials.

These photos are not mine; they are my sister's.  These peonies are magnificent and bloom
each year in their garden by the back door.  They are worth a visit.


Crafty Green Poet said...

what lovely flowers, such a vibrant colour! I love the buds too!

Carol Steel said...

It's a challenge to capture how show-stoppingly magnificent these blooms are in photos. They are huge, vibrant as you say and a source of wonder.

linda said...

I was so excited as these flowers started to bloom knowing what bursts of colour and blooms they would become in just a few days. I felt we should capture as much of it in photos as we could and almost wanted it to be in time lapse form. Lots of instuctions as to when and what to take for photos. My husband captured it well, I think.

Carol Steel said...

Hi Linda,

Yes, your photos did a good job. The rest of your peonies bloomimg now are gorgeous too. You do have a terrific looking yard, so neat and tidy and full of lush plants in bloom.