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Sunday, June 24, 2012

Wet Beauties

Wet Beauties

Just as the peonies come into bloom, the weather turns to rain.  When the flower heads are full, the additional weight of rainwater makes the heads droop or makes the stems bend and break.

Yesterday, I went out in the downpour to capture photos.  I was afraid that following the days of rain, there might be nothing left but damp petals scattered on the ground. 

The photos with the raindrops are just as fine, perhaps more interesting than usual.

Our peonies are over sixty years old.  They were planted when the house was built.  When we moved here, we discovered them hidden under maples at the corner of the yard.  We transplanted them to a warmer spot behind the garage a couple years ago.

After a slow start, these peonies are healthy and thriving.  They are lush wet beauties in the summer rain.  We are lucky to have found them, a long lived gift from the first owner of our home.

Thank you...for the gift of wet beauties.

All photos are mine.


Deborah Carr said...

Your photos are beautiful, Carol...I can almost smell their sharply sweet scent. The old peonies have so much more fragrance, don't they? And, I think they are more prolific.

Carol Steel said...

Yes, you are right. They are hardy and more fragrant. We are enjoying them despite the rain pushing them down.