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Thursday, December 22, 2011

Christmas Tree Decorations

Yesterday afternoon, I spent a deliciously quiet time with a dear friend sharing tea and conversation, while sitting in front of her fireplace and Christmas tree.  After talking a while, we got closer to the tree to visit with memories and her decorations.  We shared laughter and friendship, and decades of memories linked to various ornaments on her tree. When I came home again, I spent time really looking at ornaments on our tree, just allowing memories to flood my busy mind and settle me. 

This little blue felt dress was a gift from my younger daughter.  Handmade from recycled materials and complete with a tiny metal hangar, which you will see, if you look closely.  She made one of these for each of my sisters and me; when I see them on many trees, I am reminded of her artistic ability.

This handmade snow person is a gift from my older daughter.  It reminds me of all the snowmen and snow women we built over the years, with various scarves, hats, mitts and carrot noses.  A remembrance of playing in the snow together.

This is one of many crocheted snowflakes on our tree; all shapes and sizes, each with a shared memory of the person who gave it.  Some were made by my first mother-in-law, beautiful delicate designs.  Some are gifts from children or sisters or friends.  I love them all.

This is a whimsical Krinkle decoration I bought for myself one Christmas years ago.  There isn't any place here which sells them anymore, so I will have to search online if I want more. I like the over the top silliness of this ornament.  It is a Christmas stocking but it has feathery hair and feelers and a tiny face peeking from under the feathers.  It's holding a gift in its thin arms.  A just for fun decoration!

This is another Krinkle decoration, one in the series of Santa's reindeer.  This one reminds me of my youngest sister who collects Krinkles and who first introduced me to these imaginatively detailed delights.   Her tree is full of them and is a treat to explore with her.

This chubby Santa came from my grandson.  Santa is hand knitted and looks as though he has had too much eggnog while sitting by the fire. 

Every year when trimming the tree, I remember the friends and family who have gifted our tree with such love and memories.  Every year, I appreciate anew the wonder of the relationships in my life and am grateful for all of them, especially at this season.

All photos are mine.  If you click on words in red, you will go to another website with additional information.

Please note:  I have checked out the current prices of Krinkles decorations online and they are ridiculous.  They are 4 and 5 times higher than what I paid.  It has been many years since I purchased the ones I have and I won't be getting anymore.  The handmade decorations are best!


Jane Tims said...

Hi. What a great series of Christmas posts! I love the little dress and the reindeer ornaments! Jane

Carol Steel said...

Thanks, Jane. I had fun thinking about which ornaments are special to me and why.

Magpie said...

i have one of those little felt dresses too: pink.

Carol Steel said...

Hi Maggie! She must have been busy that year making little felt dresses for all the folks she loves. We're lucky to share her!