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Sunday, January 15, 2012

Ducks Have Returned

It snowed 5 inches, just enough to make
ground foraging a challenge.  
Gary went outside with the old snow blower
to clean the driveway
of the first snow accumulation this year. 

 suddenly ducks started landing
in the neighbour's yard
and waddling through the gaps
in the fences
into our yard. 
We hadn't seen them before this.

They milled around in the yard,
digging into the snow
and looking up the yard at Gary,
until he stopped blowing the driveway
and fetched them some cracked corn.

Is it possible...

that these are the same ducks as last year?

And that they recognized Gary, in his old blue yard-jacket,
as the same friendly fellow who fed them all last winter?

All photos are mine.


Anonymous said...

Absolutely they recognized him - they are 'his' ducks and they expect him to look after them. Great photos again.

Carol Steel said...

Thanks for the comment. It was amazing to watch. I was inside the house and the minute he hit the top of the driveway and turned around on the street, ducks started landing as though they had spotted him!

Crafty Green Poet said...

I'm sure they recognised him! That photo of the ducks all in a line is amazing, so sweet!

Carol Steel said...

He doesn't believe that they know him but I do. We used to go for walks last winter, just around our neigbourhood. As we walked closer and closer to our own home, ducks would circle overhead. When we got to the end of our own block, they would begin landing in our yard...probably thinking, "Yeah, Dad's home!"