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Monday, January 9, 2012

Self-Care, a Gift

It's been days since my last post, 11 in fact.  I've been ill with a thoroughly nasty head cold during most of that time.  Amazing to me that so much mucus can be produced inside one's head.  I've begun to wonder if I am hollow, save for snot.  Certainly, there hasn't been much brain activity during the sick time, among chills and fevers and fuzzy dreams, I have floated and slept and sneezed and blown.  Too much detail?

The last few days of December were wondrous times spent with family, some company staying here.  A party to celebrate Melanie's and Kelly's wedding with 35 close family and friends was a delight. 

Gary made a huge fragrant pot of his signature spaghetti sauce, his homemade caesar salad dressing and hand done croutons and bacon bits.  We fed everyone full to the brim, with decadent spaghetti, flavourful caesar salad, fresh garlic bread, rich Christmas sweets, and cakes (chocolate and carrot), attended with wines and holiday beverages. 

Tim gave a speech and we all welcomed Kelly to the family.  It was fun!  It was yummy!  And it was work!  It was a warm and boisterous family party.

And well worth the time and energy and love that went into it!

Over the holiday, we had times of smaller get-togethers with children living here and from away, and with much loved grandchildren: all treasured and appreciated and held now in fond memory.

I've written myself some notes.  Things to remember for next Christmas.  Ways to simplify and to relax and to spread out the work.  Will I remember?  Will I make changes?  Will I put a higher priority on self-care?  I hope so.  We'll see next holiday season if lessons have been learned.

Perhaps I will finally open the present I can give to myself,
the gift of better self-care!

All photos are mine.


Gwen Buchanan said...

Perhaps Jan. is self care month.. I wish you a speedy recovery.. and lots of leisure in the months to come!

Carol Steel said...

Thanks Gwen.

I imagine that January brings home the need for better self care and balance to many people, after the busyness of the holidays.

I'm sure that I'll have opportunities to rest and to recover fully.

Deborah Carr said...

Oh dear...I do hope you are much better now. I get terribly sick with colds and share your sense of wonder with the copious amounts of...er...body fluid produced. While I avoid other meds as much as possible, I refuse to suffer a cold or flu and shuffle self-care to the top of my list, taking anything to relieve the symptoms. :-)

Carol Steel said...

Deborah, thanks for the empathy over the body fluid challenges and for understanding how debilitating a cold can be.