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Monday, August 31, 2015

Buy a Lily

If you have two loaves of bread,

sell one and buy

a lily.

Buy a lily.

Feed your heart

and your eyes.


If you have two loaves of bread, 
sell one and buy a lily. 
(An old proverb)

Thursday, August 27, 2015

Gagetown Ferry NB

long-horn cattle wade
to stay cool

and ignore the ferry 
with its picture
snapping passengers.

The humidity, the heat
hold the river and the land.
Even a sunny day
is hazy.

A red dragonfly rests.

The calm river

is not peaceful.

Engines and shouts of laughter
break the quiet

rock the water meadows.

The photos and words are mine. If you want more information, click on the coloured words to go to another site.

Wednesday, August 26, 2015

What's Left?

After the petals fall 
from the clematis vine,

what's left?

What's left is changing,


in its quiet, 
spectacular way.

Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Kayaks on the Bay of Fundy

We spent a day wandering near Fundy Park
While lunching at a picnic table 
near the Molly Kool Centre in Alma, NB
we watched a "how-to" lesson on kayaking, 
across the river from us.

After they got into the kayaks, 
they had to stay close to shore 
and learn left-turn, right-turn.

This is the building where they first learned 
to work life jackets and paddles.

It took some time to get organized, to make sure everyone was comfortable, could paddle, 
could stay in the kayak.

They were supposed to line up single file to exit into the Bay. 
Not everyone understood the concept of single file.

Eventually, they were one behind the other ... nearly.

We left as the cluster of kayaks sat in the foggy 
Bay of Fundy, waiting for the stragglers.

I hope they had fun and made it back safely.

Photos are mine. Words in coloured print will take you to another site for more information, if you click on them.

Thursday, August 6, 2015

To Bike or Not to Bike

To bike or not to bike? That is the question.

Gary has had motorcycles off and on, all his driving life. Fifty years of riding and now, after a shoulder injury, and a decision to downsize, the Harley sells to a new owner ... today.

The decision was and continues to be extremely difficult. 

There's nothing like driving by the fragrance of fields of clover in summer, the breeze, warm as a massage, feeling every nuance of the road. Nothing like the scent of moisture in the wind, the sudden downpour and sitting it out under a highway overpass or beneath a cluster of maples, just talking until the sun dries the road.

Selling the Harley is rough for each of us but particularly for Gary. Driving is Gary's favourite form of meditation. He forgets his worries and the to-do's, the bills and the challenges when he is on the bike.

Gary went out for a ride yesterday. These pictures are of him getting the bike ready and leaving the driveway. He enjoyed the time by himself, one last trip.

But, it's time. "Not to bike" is the answer.

It's been a good run.