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Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Kayaks on the Bay of Fundy

We spent a day wandering near Fundy Park
While lunching at a picnic table 
near the Molly Kool Centre in Alma, NB
we watched a "how-to" lesson on kayaking, 
across the river from us.

After they got into the kayaks, 
they had to stay close to shore 
and learn left-turn, right-turn.

This is the building where they first learned 
to work life jackets and paddles.

It took some time to get organized, to make sure everyone was comfortable, could paddle, 
could stay in the kayak.

They were supposed to line up single file to exit into the Bay. 
Not everyone understood the concept of single file.

Eventually, they were one behind the other ... nearly.

We left as the cluster of kayaks sat in the foggy 
Bay of Fundy, waiting for the stragglers.

I hope they had fun and made it back safely.

Photos are mine. Words in coloured print will take you to another site for more information, if you click on them.

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