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Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Snow Shimmering

We opened the curtains this morning and saw drifts of snow shimmering.  I've hankered after photos of the snow glittering in early light, but have not succeeded in capturing one, the perfect one, yet. 

Let me explain.  Snow sparkles...on frigid days...in slanted light.  This means I have the opportunity to take these photos on bitter mornings.  There is a problem.  I cannot hold the camera without shivering, therefore moving...on cold mornings.  Shaky camera equals blurry photos.

Gary offered to go outside, as he didn't mind the cold as much.  For a half hour, he wandered the yard taking photos.  He was in and out of the house.  He came in to check on the results and to warm the camera, then back out.

We will have to try again as nothing he photographed did justice to the silvery shimmer of the morning.  He took pictures of our ducks, as they waited for him to stop fooling with the camera and bring out their food.

The ducks were patient and sat watching, while he meandered, snapping photos.  They were thinking, " Hey, it's cold, man is it cold.  Could you throw the food and forget about the sparkly snow?"  

He did.  We'll capture the perfect photo another day.  By "we", I mean Gary.  I'll be cheering for him from inside where it's warm.

Photos were taken by Gary.  Words are mine.


Crafty Green Poet said...

I agree snow sparkles beautifully! The mallards seem very patient!

Carol Steel said...

There must be a setting on the camera that will allow us to deal with all the overexposed photos of snow. Perhaps, if we read the instructions...