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Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Feel the Sap Rising

Feel the Sap Rising

Men bend over bikes,
change the oil, with grins
glazed with saliva
and dreams of the road.
Butt-cracks to a breeze
that still whispers
of winter.

Men bend over bikes,
hear the calls rising,
“Come rumble and roar.
Be potent and young.
Ride under spring’s skies.
Come feel
the sap

Note:   With apologies to my daughter who rides and loves her motorcycle as much as any man could love his.  She too waits for spring with excitement and wonder; waits for the first day she can ride and enjoy the sap rising.

Photo is mine.


Jim Findlay said...

Thank you for "Butt-cracks to a breeze
that still whispers
of winter."

That was a wonderful line and I did identify with that yearning from years gone by.

Carol Steel said...

I like that line too. Thanks for your comment; I do love feedback. Perhaps, if you buy another bike, you too can ride in spring's yearning time.

Anonymous said...

I put my exhaust back on last night after re-powder coating. I put my new registration sticker on, and fired her up!! I would have taken her to work this morning if it had been more than 5 degrees at my house. I'm in town now and its 13 already :'(

I need to move closer to town, or at least away from the cold coast. Lol

Xoxo. Nice visuals by the way. M.

Carol Steel said...

Hi M,
Hugs to you. Today is supposed to be warm but then back to cold again on Thursday. Hope you'll be able to ride soon. Good to be ready. Love Mum