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Saturday, April 14, 2012

Cottage Dreams

Cottage Dreams

A cottage, yes, that’s what I want.

Every spring, I have the urge to drive the nearby coasts and rivers searching for a cottage to buy.  Every year, after weeks of searching, jotting down numbers, checking on the Internet and then driving back to look again, I decide I can’t afford this dream.

What I want costs too much; what I can afford needs so much work that it doubles the price.  Each year, I give up the search, return to my home, realize I love my home, and think, “Perhaps next year.”

During these annual spring excursions, I look beyond the frustrations and enjoy the travelling, the journey, the search.  The waterways and coastlines in New Brunswick, well, they’re breath-taking.  In spring, when the snow and ice are gone, before the leaves and grasses and gardens appear, nothing blurs or hides these water-views.

Searching has its frustrations.  For him any sort of house will do, but he wants a heated double garage.  I want a big kitchen and an open-concept winterized-cottage home.  I need a place to write.  Some things we agree on.  Two bathrooms are necessary, to keep us from murdering each other.  We both want privacy and lower maintenance.  We desire a water view; close enough to see, far enough to avoid being washed away in tidal surges.

Desires and dreams, it’s good to have both.  It’s better to know when they are possible and when they are not.  We won’t give up on the search, not yet.  There are many places in New Brunswick to explore and enjoy; each in itself is an adventure worth the drive.  An area that attracts me is the area near the Anglican Church in Brown’s Yard, NB.  There the Richibucto River is wild and wide.  There are acres of woodland.   Wildlife wanders the roads.

A year-round cottage home...maybe we’ll find our dream someday.  In the meantime, the search itself is a pleasure.

All photos are mine. 


Crafty Green Poet said...

a country cottage would be lovely, we like to look for them but probably would never move to one!

Carol Steel said...

I would love to move to a cottage even if it meant selling our house. I love being near the water.

Ruth @ Camellia Rose said...

What a beautiful view. Imagine being able to look at that every day and watch it change. It's nice that your search is letting you discover all these beautiful places - and I hope you find something perfect for you in the end.

Carol Steel said...

Sometimes I see that I am already at the perfect place in my home. And sometimes I want to be close to water so much that I can only focus on that. What will be will be.