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Saturday, June 16, 2012

Happy Father's Day

 Happy Father's Day to Gary.  You wanted lobster.

You got lobster.

You're a great Dad and Step-Dad.

So eat your fill
and feel the love.

Happy Father's Day.

Photos are mine, lobster is Gary's.


Linda said...

We had lobster today with Mum for Mother's Day/Father's Day and we mentioned that we thought Gary would enjoy a Father's Day lobster also, as we were enjoying ours. So glad that he is having his 'fill'. Happy Father's Day all you good Dad's out there!

Jane Tims said...

Hi. What a great meal... I love lobster. They are for sale roadside here this week. Mmmmmmm. Jane

Carol Steel said...

Happy Father's Day to all the loving and gentle Dads and Step-Dads in our families.

Carol Steel said...

Hi Jane,

It is a great meal for him. I am allergic to lobster so he always eats it outdoors so as not to spray it around the kitchen. He was happy with his large lobster, beer and melted butter. What a mess. A happy mess.