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Friday, July 20, 2012

Blue Jays in July

Blue Jays in July

Our yard is alive with Blue Jays this July. 
Loose flocks fly in and around our deciduous
trees, shrubs and hedges.

Blue Jays forage on the ground and among our garden's vegetation
for nuts, berries, insects and birdseed.
They can also be bullies,
stealing eggs or nestlings
from smaller birds.
But they are beautiful bullies.

Lately, we've had a stretch of warm days.
We see the Blue Jays drinking water
from the birdbath and watch them bathing, 
enjoying themselves with enthusiasm.

Blue Jays sit in the trees near the birdbath,
noisy and screaming jay-jay-jay
prior to landing to splash and play.
Sometimes one will guard the area
from a perch in a nearby shrub
while the other one washes.
At those times, they speak to each other
in softer tones and sound like they are
saying queedle-queedle-queedle.

We enjoy these bright blue birds.
They are striking with their blue crest,
black necklace, blue upper parts, white underparts,
white bar and flecking on their wings,
dark bars and white corners on blue tail and a black bill.

We  know Blue Jays can be bullies
but they are entertaining to watch just the same.
Our yard is large and open enough to be a home base
for a variety of wildlife.

We are fortunate to be visited by many birds and animals
during each season of the year.

Right now, the Blue Jays are here.

All photos are mine.

You can see another of my posts about Blue Jays from
July 22, 2011 by clicking on this link.


Maude Lynn said...

These are gorgeous!

Carol Steel said...

Thank you, I think they are too.

Crafty Green Poet said...

they are such beautiful birds! I remember seeing a blue jay on my childhood holiday in California. We have jays here too, but they're mostly a pinky brown colour, with just a dash of blue in the wing.

Carol Steel said...

Thanks CGP. I'm always intrigued by the differences in the birds we have in Canada and the variations you have in Scotland, or perhaps, ours are the variations.

teri said...

There was a time I did have any love of the loud blue jay. However as I have matured...lol I find their outgoing nature admirable. Great shots. I have a photo blog as well as a writing blog...I don't have much luck with bird photos though.

Carol Steel said...

Hi Teri,

Yes, Blue Jays are outgoing and can sometimes be aggressive with other birds. But they are beautiful.