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Monday, August 27, 2012



Dear operator,
while I am on hold,
waiting for news,
you may be forgiven
for using your pencil
to trace empty designs
or copy a recipe
from a co-worker,
in your chain of fenced cubicles.

While I am on hold,
you don't see me.
I have been waiting
since before the sun
to hear.

You sit efficient,
doling out the essentials,
to doctors and labs,
while I am on hold.

The only link between us
this phone call.

You can't know
how I need
to hear something,
before dusk,
before this unknown
fills with  fear.

I am on hold.

This is for the Sunday Whirl Wordle #71 on August 26, 2012.  To learn more about the Sunday Whirl, click here to go to another site with more information.  This week's wordle suggests creating a poem using the following words:  link, chain, recipe, rose, operator, trace, forgiven, fence, essentials, dusk, pencil,empty.

Photo and words are mine, copyright Carol Steel.


Laurie Kolp said...

I hate being on hold... sometimes it seems to take forever. I also don't like how everything's automated now.

Jules said...

You have captured being on hold wonderfully. If not fiction - I hope you got your news!

I'm here:

veronica said...

great use of the wordle words. A very anxious poem!

Marianne said...

Brilliant use of the words! Waiting for test results can be very stressful. You have captured the anxiety perfectly.

Carol Steel said...

Thanks Laurie. I suspect I am forgotten sometimes, I am on hold that long.

Carol Steel said...

Hello Jules,
Thanks for your remarks. I'm glad you felt I captured the angst well.

Carol Steel said...

Hi Veronica,
Yes, it was all about anxiety. I visited your site and liked it very much. You certainly live in a gorgeous part of the world. Portugal is lovely.

Carol Steel said...

Thanks Marianne for your comment. It is frustrating waiting. I'm glad you think I captured the feelings of anxiety.

Kristina said...

Very nice. I like the ending--it brings it together.

Carol Steel said...

I liked the ending too, Kristina. It says a few different things at the same time.

Elizabeth said...

I hate being put on hold, that waiting tied in place, at the end of someone else's string (cord). You captured the experience well, building the anxiety while telling your story. Well done, Carol,


Carol Steel said...

Thanks Elizabeth. I appreciate your feedback. And yes, I was trying for a build up of the anxiety.

Mary said...

Wow, you surely have captured the feeling of being on hold here. It is such a powerless feeling, isn't it? And while one waits, there is always that fear....

(Do you really think you need word verification which makes it hard to comment? You already have comment moderation. Wouldn't that suffice??)

Carol Steel said...

Thanks Mary for the comment. I didn't ask for word verification and will try to shut it down. Thanks, I didn't know it was on.

Maude Lynn said...

This is really well done. I've been on hold like that and for that reason, and it's horrible.

Carol Steel said...

Thanks Mama Zen. It is an unsettling experience and I am still waiting.

Veronica Roth said...

Carol that's a great poem! In cases like that I usually use the term ignore..as in I'm on ignore. lol. Feeling the pain. :)

Carol Steel said...

Hi Veronica,
Thanks for the comment. I like your terminology better, being "on ignore" covers it so well.