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Saturday, August 11, 2012

Copyright Infringement

Copyright Infringement

I received a comment today from a photographer whose image I used for a blog post last year.   I had taken the photo from Google images thinking any photo posted there was for free use by anyone.
Boy, was I naïve!
I started blogging in February 2011.  After helpful hints from my daughter’s sister-in-law about how to get going, I have been self-taught.  
My learning has gaps in it...huge gaps.  I have discovered, after researching copyright infringement, it is not OK to take photos from Google images.  It infringes on copyright and can end up with me getting sued.  Not a happy scene.
And I’ve discovered through these two websites 
… what I have been doing amounts to just that…copyright infringement.  I am embarrassed at being so naïve and horrified at my own stupidity. 
Over the next few days, I will not be posting any new blogs.  I will be combing through my 357 blog entries removing or replacing the photos that don’t belong to me or that I do not have permission to use. 
As the two sites above state: Ignorance of the law is no defense.
And my comment request from the photographer whose photo I used?  He has kindly allowed me to use his photo as long as I credit the source of the photo and link back to his website, which I have done…and done promptly.
I am lucky to have learned this lesson early in my blogging career.
As for photos from now on, if they aren’t mine, you won’t be seeing them on this blog unless I obtain permission to use them.
My husband says that I could just post photos of the cats anywhere I need to have a picture, but that would just be too much, don’t you think?  And I don’t want to make light of this issue.  It is serious.
Ignorance of copyright law is no defense. 

The photo is mine of the cats helping to make the bed.  They too are amazed at my stupidity but love me regardless.


Crafty Green Poet said...

You have to be so careful with copyright! I never share photos that aren't mine unless i have permission. As you say better to learn sooner rather than later. On the other hand, I know ignorance is no defence butI have to say that some places don't make it 100% clear what their copyright status is.

Carol Steel said...

I know now so I will post only my own photos from now on. There are many confusing bylines and rules so that even the "commons" sites are not 100% secure with copyright.

Janetims128 said...

Hi. I am glad you did this post... our words are protected in the same way but not everyone knows about copyright. Thanks for the post! Jane

Gwen Buchanan said...

Carol you should start writing for humor magazines!!

Carol Steel said...

Hi Jane,
I was aware of copyright on words and images. I just didn't know that the free images available on Google images are not really free; many are covered by copyright and that copyright is not indicated on the photo. Even photos in commons sites can be copyrighted, so nothing is safe except my own pictures.

Carol Steel said...

Thanks Gwen,
The situation didn't feel funny at all but I could see the humor beyond the shame of having made such a serious blunder. Thanks for your comment.