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Thursday, January 31, 2013

The Ducks Have Returned

The Ducks Have Returned        

The ducks have returned and so have I.

We feed Mallards, American Black Ducks and their hybrids.  For the price of cracked corn thrown daily on the snow in our side yard, we have entertainment from January through April.   We live within sight of the Petitcodiac River and its marshes, the ducks’ usual haunt, and are content to aid in feeding them through the harsher months of winter.

The ducks return to us each year when other nourishment becomes scarce.  With the first flush of spring’s new growth, they will leave us again.

I too have been away, away from my blog and from my writing.  Last fall and this winter have been harsh times for me.  I have been ill, endured surgeries and months of treatments accompanied by debilitating side effects.

My hope is to be recovered by the first flush of spring.

In the meantime, I do what I can each day—often that isn’t much. 

But, I have the ducks as entertainment.  They keep coming back and so will I.

Words and photo are copyright ©Carol Steel.


Rinske Salmon said...

Every day I checked, and you weren't there, and I grieved for you, for the hell you must go through to get better.But now, yes! The ducks! the colours! The joy! And you, all back now!

Carol Steel said...

Thank you for your comment and empathy. I am recovering and looking forward to the return of spring and of writing and of having energy again.