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Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Winter Sunrise

Winter Sunrise

What if the dark
and the white
of a winter morning
stand stark
against the pink-gold feast
of a sunrise sky?

And what if the sun
has the same melting sheen
as the butter
soaking into
my hot orange
and cranberry scones?

Then that is enough;
enough to spread
all over my day.

Words and photos are copyright Carol Steel.


Steve said...

It is enough in Riverview and in Bethlehem. Thank you Carol. I miss the light of our winter sky. I miss the way it reflects off the snow and makes all things glow with glory.

Karen said...

I love the gratitude implicit here. I read recently somewhere this statement: "Every moment matters." since I saw that, I've tried to be conscious of it...every moment.

Carol Steel said...

Thanks for comments Steve and Karen. Sunrise always makes me feel grateful to be alive. Every moment does matter, no matter where you are.