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Monday, April 15, 2013

April is Birthday Month

April is Birthday Month
April is a month of birthdays in our family.   There are fourteen in all: sisters, sons, grand-daughters, grandsons, nephews and dear friends, including a first husband.
We don’t celebrate with parties, gifts, cards and cake like we once would have done, before our family expanded.  The number of family and friends expanded as we grew older, retired and began to manage on a smaller income.  The thoughts, good wishes and love are still there, though the money for gifts and parties is not.  Neither is the energy.
Fourteen birthdays in a thirty-day month would mean that nearly every day a party would be organized, held or recovered from in April.  Impossible indeed.
To all our dear friends and beloved family, you who celebrate April birthdays, from birthday number 1 to birthday number seventy-one and everywhere in between, we wish you happiness and love, opportunities for joy and for everything you need in the coming year.
To quote one friend, “May you celebrate well and be well-celebrated.”
Happy April Birthday 2013 to each of you.
Note:  This photo is not mine.  It is used with permission under the Creative Commons license and the original owner is D. Sharon Pruitt.  Thanks to Sharon for its use.

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