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Saturday, May 18, 2013


A late spring night and the raccoon mama
has come again to the shadows in front of my house
as she has for the past eight years,
with her kits tumbling, wearing their masks.
Don't think they are a casual part of my life,
these white-ringed tails in the dark.
(This poem is after Mary Oliver's  "Snowy Egret"  from Evidence.)
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The photo is not mine.  It is used with permission under a creative commons license.  The photo is owned by vladeb and is from vladeb's photostream, which can be found online.


Rambling Woods said...

I love Mary Oliver...

Carol Steel said...

I admire her body of work and her ability to translate the natural world into everything meaningful in life.

Fireblossom said...

I am a nut for raccoons (as long as they are not in my attic). I collect stuffed toy raccoons and they are all over my house.

Carol Steel said...

Thanks Fireblossom. Raccoons are intriguing and annoying, delightful and destructive. They can be such fun to watch. But no, not in the attic. Stuffed raccoons provide a safe way to enjoy them.