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Friday, August 9, 2013

Immature Ospreys on Nests

Immature Ospreys Sitting on Nests

We drove on Route 15, left at Exit 43 to Grand-Barachois, New Brunswick and spotted immature ospreys sitting on nests.  We didn't disturb them but used a long lens to capture these photos.  Though we were a distance away from the nest, we looked up and saw that we were being watched by the parent birds, who were spiraling lower and lower toward us. 

We would have stayed longer but felt we were intruding, even though we were careful not to get out and walk closer.  In fact, we stayed in the car and just pulled to the shoulder of the roadway to take photos.  We left, feeling grateful for the sight of babies.


Rambling Woods said...

Oh what a treat to see.... Michelle

Carol Steel said...

We thought so too, Michele.

Carol Steel said...

When I first posted this blog, I thought the baby birds were eagles but they are immature ospreys. I should never assume I know the birds without checking first. My apologies for these errors.