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Sunday, September 22, 2013

Shediac River in September

Quiet hours watching the Shediac River, the changing leaves and tides, the boats floating with only a dog searching for the channel.

(Recent photos from the front of my sister's home.)


Karen said...


Rambling Woods said...

And fall is creeping in... Michelle

Neil said...

Finally, a mention of a REAL animal!
Thanks, Carol
(I knew you'd come around).

Here...kitty, kitty.
Nice kitty.

Margie said...

Pretty shots!
Love the water, we live on a lake.

Carol Steel said...

Thanks Karen, Michelle and Margie,
This is the front of my sister's house on the Shediac River. It is ever changing, ever lovely there.

Carol Steel said...

Hello Neil,
Yes a dog. Just for you. That day the dog seemed to be the only one paying attention to the channel in the river. Perhaps the only intelligent life form on the boats , as many ground themselves going up and down in front of my sister's home.