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Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Cape Enrage, Albert County NB

We have relatives visiting from England and did a day tour of the Fundy area yesterday with them.  The weather was co-operative, balmy, great for photo captures of the Cape Enrage area. 
Usually, when we're at Cape Enrage the wind is blowing so hard all our photos look like we have starched our hair straight up.  Yesterday was calm.  Our relatives probably think we've been fibbing about the wind.
Calm or windy, Cape Enrage is a gorgeous place to spend an afternoon.


Crafty Green Poet said...

beautiful photos - glad you had such lovely weather for showing your relatives round!

Amanda said...

Hi, you went to Cape Enrage in October? Was there a gate, or were you able to drive in even though it was closed?

Carol Steel said...

Yes, we were lucky that the weather cooperated. It was a beautiful day.

Carol Steel said...

Hi Amanda,
You can get to the Cape itself where the water rounds in and to the top of the hill to the observation platform by car. There it is gated off as the restaurant and zip lines are closed for the season.