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Friday, January 3, 2014

What We See in the Yard

Each day in winter, we feed the ducks.
  When the snow is too deep for them to forage on the river marsh,
it is essential to remember to throw
the cracked corn out for them.
Our biggest problem is to avoid attracting pigeons.
However, for the ducks, the larger issue
is avoiding becoming lunch.
In the past week, hungry Bald Eagles have patrolled
the tallest evergreens near our home.
We don't always see them as their heads
look like snow in the trees and their dark bodies blend
with the branches.  Can you see two?
Once we spotted them and began to take photos,
the eagles moved to another tree. 
We'll stay inside from now on;
we don't wish to disturb them.
We feel lucky to live in a place where we can enjoy
 such magnificent birds from our kitchen windows.
I wonder if we could entice the eagles
to eat the pigeons.
I can live with that.


Rambling Woods said...

Nice of you.... I sent the ducks off with game burden pellets, but ducks do like the corn better.... Michelle

Margie said...

You are lucky to see such beauty from your kitchen window, wow!

Carol Steel said...

Thanks Michelle and Margie for visiting my blog and for comments. I am lucky to live where I do.

Gwen Buchanan said...

Carol what an amazing sight, Bald eagles sitting in trees by your house.. I have seen them fly over our house but never alight in our trees.
But we did have a Predator bird attack several times and carry off several small juncos from our feeder during this same time period. It was a Shrike. It makes rather a high pitched cry. I guess they have to eat too but the little birds are such easy pickins at the feeder. doesn't seem fair.

Carol Steel said...

Yes Gwen, it is hard to watch something more aggressive take the smaller birds, but they have to eat too. It is nature. And doesn't work by niceness;, it works by survival and balance. We felt lucky to have seen the eagles.

Crafty Green Poet said...

What lovely photos, how exciting to have the eagles around!

When I lived in Malawi, African fish eagles (which look a little like bald eagles) nested in a tree behind our house

shoreacres said...

I just laughed and laughed at your comments about the pigeons. I've started feeding because it's been so cold and miserable here - frozen water bowls in Houston?

But, along with the sparrows, doves and bluejays come the pigeons, who invite their relatives and tell their friends. I can't figure out any way to dissuade them, so I just double up on the feed and let them sort it out themselves. At least the water birds can fish for themselves.

Margie said...

Hi Carol
Thinking of you, hope all is well

Carol Steel said...

Thanks Shoreacres. It has been an exceptionally challenging winter here in Eastern Canada, as well. The birds are facing rough times trying to find food. I suppose putting out extra food for everyone is an option, though the pigeons seem to get to it first.

Carol Steel said...

Hello Margie. Thank you. Things are improving though slowly.