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Sunday, March 9, 2014

Bald Eagles and Mallards

As we back the car up the driveway,
we see a mallard pair standing on the roof ridge
looking down the hill toward the Petitcodiac River marshes.

What are they doing on the roof?

Then as we back into the roadway,
we notice behind our neighbour's house,
two Bald Eagles sitting, watching the ducks.

The ducks fly toward the river
and the larger eagle flies too.

Round to the front of our house, we drive.
No ducks in sight,
no eagle.


When we return form errands,
the smaller eagle still sits;
sits still, two hours later,

Photos copyright 2010-2014 Carol Steel


Margie said...

Such lovely, lovely captures.
Loved these Carol
Smiles ....

shoreacres said...

Years ago we thought we had ducks on the roof. That was a great mystery, too, because we heard them quacking all the time.

As it turned out, we had a mockingbird that had learned to quack like a duck. I still laugh when I think about that.

There are mysteries in the natural world we'll never figure out - much to the natural world's relief, perhaps.

Jane Tims said...

I have heard of so many owls,hawks and eagles hanging out at feeders this year ... Something is going on. Jane

Carol Steel said...

Thanks everyone for comments. It has been a rough winter for all wildlife in NB. We have seen lots of unusual behaviour. But, we have also had many sightings we would never have been lucky enough to see...otherwise.