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Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Big Tancook Island, Nova Scotia...more

We had frequent visitors at the cottage we rented 
on Big Tancook Island.
The neighbour's cat...

the neighbour's hens...

each wandered through exploring
and ignoring us.

This is the view from the cottage 
on Southeast Cove, Big Tancook Island.
The first piece of land, the darkest to the left is
the other curve of Southeast Cove.
Behind that is the tip of Little Tancook Island
and behind that again
is Blandford on the mainland.
On clear nights, 
we could see the light at Peggy's Cove
sweeping the sea.

This is the evening sky 
on our last day at the cottage.
There the night sky was free 
from light pollution so the stars
were visible, incredible,

There was so much more to do and see
than we had time to explore,
both on the island and in the Chester area.
We'll have to return.

I'm hoping 

Words in coloured text will take you to another site 
with additional information, if you click on them.
I've written so much lately about the cottage and the Tancooks 
that people have asked if I was advertising for them.  The answer is no.
I've received nothing for the writing.
I enjoyed the island so much, it is difficult to stop talking about it.
Go, see for yourself.


Jane Tims said...

Hi Carol. I have been following your Tancook Island sojourne. I was there years ago and remember the ferry, buying antiques and the beaches. I like your description of seeing the light from Peggie's Cove! Jane

Carol Steel said...

Thanks Jane. Visiting Tancook was an energizing experience for me and gave me both time to think and to write.

Margie said...

I have been to Peggy's Cove many years ago and would love to visit Tancook Island.

I hope you get to go back, a beautiful place with interesting visitors you had while there.

Carol Steel said...

Thanks Margie. The Tancook Islands are on the same coast as Peggy`s Cove and just as lovely. I hope to get back there again soon.