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Saturday, January 10, 2015

A Saturday Drive

These are photos from our drive today through Albert County, New Brunswick.  

It began with the view from our kitchen window, in the blue early morning light with the sun coming up over Moncton.  The snow pulled us outside; we just had to go enjoy the day.

The next photo is taken driving down Caledonia Mountain, looking toward Riverside-Albert and out over the marshes to the Petitcodiac River and beyond.

There are a few of the Harvey Bank and Mary's Point Road areas. 

It was a gorgeous day for meandering through the back roads. 
The air was clear and clean, the colours crisp and the snow pristine.

We are lucky to live so close to such beauty.


Gary said...

Nice pictures

Carol Steel said...

Thanks Gary. You got some amazing photos on your I-phone. too. I'm always intrigued by how good yours are when we both take photos at the same time and place.