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Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Winter Goes On

 "My snow bank is higher than yours."
This refrain, this relentless winter,
a season of snow measured
in vertical feet.

Despite our whining, the winter offers 
woods of magic shadows and light.

The chickadees and blue jays
fill trees with the chattering joy 
of their daily rounds.

Icicles form 
on eaves and porches,
 on the north side of the bird feeders,
the elbows of trees.

Winter is 
what winter is.

Snow and cold
and so much beauty.


Jane Tims said...

Very soulful words and photos. Even though we have had lots of snow, I am not minding this winter. I think it is because I am dressing for warmth all the time and because of the beauty you write about.

Carol Steel said...

I don't mind winter, Jane. It is a good excuse to stay inside and hibernate a bit doing what I like to do or to go outside warmly dressed and delight in all there is to see, and to play in the snow. Thanks for your comment.