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Friday, April 13, 2012

Acadian Coastal Drive, NB

An afternoon drive along the Acadian Coast of New Brunswick
is an energizing experience, even if only part of it is covered. 
We travel from Shediac along Routes 134 and 530 to Cocagne, thrilling to the sight of the Northumberland Straight 
free of ice cakes, at last.

We notice ducks and gulls
floating or feeding in the waves.

We see fishermen doing boat maintenance
on this grey windy day at the wharf.

Further up the coast,
there are pleasure boats still wrapped for winter.

Roads are being repaired
and tons of grindstone
 dropped into vulnerable places,
where rogue waves and storm surges rip away the coast.

We stop for ice cream
at Melanson's Store in Cocagne
and savour this taste of summer
while watching the waters of the Cocagne Harbour.

It is a coastal drive we love.  There is something
in the salt air that soothes the mind and
sends the soul soaring.

It's a gorgeous coastline, a generous natural world.

All photos are mine.  If you click
on words in red,
you will go to another site
with additional information.


Jane Tims said...

Hi Carol. I love the blue rope on the pier. An interesting coast to drive. Each community has its own personality. Great post for the end of winter! jane

Carol Steel said...

Thanks Jane. That was my favorite photo of the bunch too. The coast looks barren this time of year but lack of greenery makes it easy to see the water. It wasn't busy as most folks have not even started to get cottages ready yet.