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Thursday, April 19, 2012

Shediac River NB

We saw Common Mergansers and Bald Eagles at the Shediac River last Sunday. 

As we sat watching pairs of Common Mergansers swimming and diving on the river, we noticed an immature Bald Eagle land in a tree near the water’s edge.

The immature Bald Eagle sat and watched the ducks, and watched us watching the ducks.   Shortly after it landed, a mature Bald Eagle flew overhead, perhaps the parent.
The mature bird captivated us with an aerial display, swooping and diving and floating…the acrobatics on air looked effortless.

The eagles stayed for 15 minutes, then disappeared as quietly as they had arrived.   The ducks kept up their activities undisturbed.  
We continued watching, with nothing more exciting to view than ice melting...the last of it, we hope.

It was a peaceful Sunday afternoon at the river, breathing Spring.

Photos are mine.

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