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Friday, April 20, 2012

Spring Blues

Spring Blues

In the morning
when I rise
to the songs of Nina Simone
and the burr of beans grinding,
to the fragrance of magic,
as it drips in my cup,
I look outside and see
the spring blues. 

The blue squills are

Some are where I planted,
most are rearranged
by squirrels.

Ah, the mornings of spring,
the drifts of blue stars
and Nina's voice, an aching fire,
and darkness steaming in my cup.

Spring morning…
spring blues.

Words and photo are mine.  If you want to know more about Nina Simone, click here.  Squills in my yard are "scilla bifolia"; the squirrels change their locations where they will...always surprises.


Maude Lynn said...

This is lovely! And, I love Nina Simone.

John Ackerson said...

Now you've let your secret out Carol. Everyone now knows what you're up to on spring mornings!

Thanks for the heads up on Nina Simone. I'll give her a listen.

Your poetry caused me to think back when I use to listen to Lhasa de Sela.

Carol Steel said...

Thanks to you Mama Zen and John. I do love to soar through mornings with Nina and coffee and whatever is bursting with urgent life from my garden. I'll be exploring Lhasa de Sela.

Anonymous said...

This is a wonderful post. I feel the music and taste the coffee and see the flowers...so spring, so real. Thank you.

Crafty Green Poet said...

coffee, blue spring flowers and Nina Simone, wonderful combination! I love the bit about the squirrels rearranging the plantings!

Carol Steel said...


The squirrels do rearrange the squills every year. They pop up their tiny blue faces in the most amazing locations in our yard. It's fun.

Carol Steel said...

Hi Anonymous,

Thanks for the comment. I'm happy you like the post.

Anonymous said...

First time this happened to me, with the squirrels it was sunflowers they were 'planting' for us. These things kept popping up in the gardens and my husband was pulling them out thinking they were some kind of weed. I asked him to just let some grow and we had all different sizes of sunflowers that summer. Here and there randomly placed in the gardens. The neighbors feed the birds and that is where the seeds came from. I thought, at first, that maybe a family member had planted them as a joke but then realized it was a squirrel getting ready for winter. A nice surprise and we planted many sunflowers after that in a random fashion about our yard, just for fun. The bluejays loved them when they were ripe in the fall.

Jane Tims said...

I love the line 'each spring arrives with surprises'. Jane

Carol Steel said...

Hello Anonymous,

Thanks for your lengthy comment. Sounds like planting and being planted with sunflowers were fun experiences.

Carol Steel said...

Hi Jane,

Thanks for the comment. There are still surprise squills coming up in the strangest spots. Perhaps they'll multiply and we'll have bigger swathes of them next year.