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Wednesday, March 20, 2013

The First Day of Spring 2013

The First Day of Spring 2013

Some days everything goes wrong. 

You get up and discover it snowed, again, and it’s supposed to be spring.  You check on your cats and find that one has been sick, though no one admits to this mess.  You try to feed the ducks with the cracked corn, but cannot.  The path is filled with knee-deep snow, so you throw their food from the kitchen window towards where they sit outside, and a gust of snow-filled wind blows the corn back into the room.

The guy who contracted to plow the driveway while your husband is away hasn’t shown and you’re supposed to take your Mum to her doctor’s appointment for 9 am, so you go outside to shovel.  There is a ridge as high as your wheel wells at the end of the driveway and the street plow keeps filling in what you’ve shovelled.  You shovel and shovel.  You re-enter the house to learn your mother’s appointment has been postponed until tomorrow, because of the weather.

One of the cats (which one remains a mystery) finds some of the cracked corn, eats it and throws it up on the mat…right where you step when you come in the door.  Another cat (who wishes to remain anonymous) knocks a glass off the counter.  It splinters over the floor.

You tidy up the bigger pieces and fetch the vacuum cleaner.  For some reason, it doesn’t work.  You fiddle with the duct tape covered wires until it starts.  You vacuum a little.  The floor needs a cleaning anyway.  The vacuum dies.  No amount of wiggling of wires will encourage it to operate.  You put the vacuum cleaner away and fetch the broom and dustpan to finish.

You phone the plow guy and discover he has forgotten the arrangement.  You are not surprised.  You remind him and he says he’ll be right over after lunch.  “No later than 1:30 pm,” he says.

At 4 pm, you begin to think unkind thoughts about the plow guy.  In the meantime, you’ve called the newspaper a couple times to ask about where your paper is today.  “It is late because of the storm, but it’ll be there by 3,” the recording tells you.  You notice it is after 4.

Then, there it is, wrapped in a blue plastic bag sitting on top of the snow bank at the end of the driveway.  You pull on your tall boots and wade out to retrieve it.  You are halfway there when the street plow thunders by, grabbing your paper and depositing it three houses away, buried under hard-packed snow boulders.

You turn around and slip in your own foot holes.  Trying to steady yourself, you flail like the ducks as they land and fall over into the snow.  You lie there; a turtle on its back.  You flop around and right yourself, return to the house.  The cats greet you with chirps and meows, interested in the snow piles you are now shedding. 

You are wet, chilled and thinking unkind thoughts about the paper delivery person and the street plow driver.  The cats lick snow from your pants and the floor.  They cough a bit, but refrain from throwing up.  Perhaps it’s the look you give them.

You decide it’s time for a hot chocolate with many tiny marshmallows.  Many.  You need them.  Your stepson calls and though he works long hours, he offers to come by on his way home today and snow blow your driveway.  You feel grateful.  Relieved.  Saved.  His kindness touches you.

You sit by the fireplace and drink your hot chocolate. The cats gather round, kneading spaces beside you on the couch, settling to sleep.  You scoop the marshmallows from the bottom of your cup with your finger and lick the sticky sweetness.

Then just before 5 pm, the plow guy comes and makes a quick single cut down the middle of your driveway.  You are surprised.  A bad day can become a good one, if you wait long enough.

You call your stepson and thank him, tell him the driveway is OK.  You try not to think about the vacuum cleaner; a problem for another day.  And you settle into the warm couch with the cats. 
The snow has stopped and the sun shines through the clouds.   You smile as you notice...the clouds look just like marshmallows melting.


Maude Lynn said...

This is so funny and so perfectly real! I love it.

Rambling Woods said...

Oh yes..I have had those days. I actually put out some corn for the mallards since the goose pair left as they would kill the mallards getting to the corn. My cats like to vomit on the few rugs that are in the house..or the couch..they are picky..but not picky enough not to eat the twist tie that fell or some other piece of something that can't be digested...Michelle

Crafty Green Poet said...

Oh gosh what a day! Glad the plow man turned up in the end. Hope the sick cat gets better soon.

Karen said...

What a terrible, good day!

What an entertaining read!!

We had the windiest day yesterday, but today, we'll have snow gain. At least we're not supposed to have much accumulation!

We all need to just enjoy the marshmallows.

Carol Steel said...

Thanks Mama Zen. I intended to find the humor in the day. Real life is full of dark humor, isn't it?

Carol Steel said...

Hi Michelle,

We are lucky not to have geese mixed with the ducks. We do see regular flocks of American Black Ducks and Mallards plus the hybrids that happen in those unions. Usually my cats are (fairly) well behaved but yesterday, they were awful. They do seem to be stupid about what they'll eat from the floor. I love them anyway. Nobody's perfect.

Carol Steel said...

Some days are just one weird situation after another. I try to see the humor there. The cat wasn't sick so much as stressed out. Poor kitty picked it up from me no doubt; plus the cats are dumb about what they'll try to eat.

Carol Steel said...

Yes, Karen. It is indeed better to focus on the marshmallows instead of the challenges. Some days just don't go the way we want.

Lisa said...

Great story Carol. Made me laugh and feel guilty for the laugh at the same time. What is it with cats, you can have hard surface floors all through the house and they will only throw up on carpet or the one mat by the door?

Carol Steel said...

Hi Lisa,

No need to feel guilty about laughing. It's the only way to handle a day like that one. I have no idea why cats chose to be sick on the more difficult surfaces to clean. Just a special treat for the cat caregivers, I guess.

Jane Tims said...

Hi Carol. What a great day!!!! I am putting miniature marshmallows on my grocery list!! Jane

Carol Steel said...

It was just one thing after another going wrong, Jane. After awhile it was quite funny. I didn't know what to expct next. And tiny marshmallows helped.