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Sunday, May 27, 2012

Gargoyle Guards the Home

A gargoyle guards the entrance to this home

watches over the garden's blooms

supervises installation of walkway and steps

eyes the soon-to-be vegetable garden

and the side garden paths

waits for the burst of colour from this peony bud.

Gargoyle guards and watches it all.


Anonymous said...

You take such lovely photographs. Talented at both writing and photography. Gardens are a lot of work to maintain but they can also offer so much enjoyment. Always a work in progress. Love the Gargoyle.

Carol Steel said...

Thanks for the comment. And the compliment. The gargoyle is interesting, so full of guardian character. It's easy to take photos of lovely gardens.

Brenda said...

Hi Carol,

I love the way they used garden space. I know gardening is not an easy task and it require lots of knowledge and hard work. While planting a tree consider root barrier products that helps tree to grow and keep root out of trouble.


Carol Steel said...

Hello Brenda,
Thanks for the comment and the tip.
And for visiting my blog.