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Saturday, July 14, 2012



Lavender grows by my back door.
The way it smells, makes me want more.
I’d like to plant it everywhere;
yes, share it till it fills the air
with scent so sweet and mauve galore.

There may be those who will abhor,
who find it cloying at their core,
who find it makes them ill, where’re
lavender grows.

Is to love just one scent a bore?
Should I ask of neighbours before
I plant these flowers everywhere?
What if they breathe it in and glare
or roar at me, no more, no more
lavender grows?

This is a light-hearted response to the poetry prompt for Friday, July 13, 2012 from Imaginary Gardens with Real Toads.  They suggest writing a rondeau of 13 lines and a 4 syllable refrain, the first half of the first line, used twice.  The rondeau is arranged in 3 unequal stanzas, usually with two main rhymes, plus a third rhyme in refrain.  It’s supposed to be iambic lines with 4 stresses, but I have not quite captured the iambic cadence in each line.  The rhyme scheme is aabba, aabc, aabbac.  One of the most well-known examples of a rondeau is the poem "In Flanders Fields."
If you click on words in red in the text, you will go to another site with additional information.


Mary said...

Carol, you wrote a fine rondeau. (They are kind of fun to write, aren't they?) I also love the smell of lavender and don't think I would quickly tire of it. Beautiful photo accompaniment.

Sherry Blue Sky said...

I love this poem - AND lavender, of which there can never be too much!!!! Love the light-heartedness in this.

Carol Steel said...

Thank you Mary. I do love lavender but know many people who really hate the scent. The poem was more fun than serious; thanks for your feedback.

Carol Steel said...

Hello Sherry Blue Sky,

Thanks for loving my poem. It was silly and fun and a bit of hard work too, as I don't usually do end rhyme. It was interesing to stretch my skills to write it.

Helen said...

I love lavender, I loved your poem. Not an easy form ~ I couldn't seem to make anything work. Brava!

Carol Steel said...

Hi Helen,

Thanks for your comment. No,it wasn't easy but after I started things seemed to flow a bit better.

Jane Tims said...

Hi. I love the 'mauve galore' and the rhyme. I planted lavender for the first time this year... I hope it becomes established. I have seen photos where the lavender fills the understory of the woods. Jane

Carol Steel said...

Hi Jane,

Good luck with your lavender. It has taken several years for my small bunch to grow and spread. Perhaps I don't have it in just the right spot. I do tend to plant things and then have to move them around here. I love the lavender smell at the door. And the mauve galore. Thanks for your comment.

Mary said...

I definitely understand that the poem was fun, Carol. Sometimes it is just enjoyable to play with words!

Carol Steel said...

I find it huge fun to play with wordles; somehow it is easier to let the words just come then. Thanks again, Mary.