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Friday, November 9, 2012

In November

In November

When October's flames
die down
to the ash of November,
the trees lift bare fingers
to scratch at the sky
and reach to rip open
the pillows of cloud.

The snow feathers fly,
white down
soft, now soft 
in layer on layer.

And Earth heaves a sigh,
as she pulls
the covers
up to her chin.

Words and photo are copyright Carol Steel.


Anonymous said...


Deborah Carr said...

This is lovely, Carol...perfect words images for the day. A celebration for the first snowfall.

Gwen Buchanan said...

very sensitive poem, Carol... and darling robin in the sumac tree.(it is a sumac isn't it?)... lovely shot.

Carol Steel said...

Thanks Wendy. It hasn't snowed yet, but I feel it coming.

Carol Steel said...

Thank you Deborah. It feels like snow in the air some days; it will be here soon and will be both good and bad. I appreciate your feedback.

Carol Steel said...

Thank you Gwen. Your comments always help me know if I've succeeded in what I was writing. And yes, it's a robin in a sumac.

Fireblossom said...

I like that ending. It puts me in mind of a Stevie Nicks song about how she likes the winter and "the blankets that I love".

Maude Lynn said...

This is really beautiful!

Carol Steel said...

Thanks Fireblossom,

During Canadian winters, everyone is in love with their blankets. We enjoy the changes in the seasons but some mornings, we long to stay warm and under the covers.

Carol Steel said...

Thanks so much, Mama Zen.

Sharp Little Pencil said...

Ah, Carol, I have always thought of autumn as the time when the earth, under a covering of dried leaves, is readying herself for a long sleep. This was simply lovely. Good job, hon! Amy

Carol Steel said...

Hi Amy,

Thanks for the comment. The leaves are the first cover, then the snow is second...and snow and snow and snow.

dosankodebbie said...

Oh wow, I love this post, the photo and the words, but especially the words. It softens my heart, which I had hardened against the discomforts and anxieties that accompany Hokkaido's long, cold, and dark winters.

Carol Steel said...

Hello Debbie,
I am touched by your comment and pleased that you loved the post. Thank you.

shoreacres said...

So lovely - and it does engender winter-envy. We're warm, drier than we should be and still waiting on a bit of autumn color. Even our clouds haven't "pillowed" yet - your lovely imagery won't fit for us for another month, I suppose.

But I still can enjoy the poem now.

Crafty Green Poet said...

Lovely! The photograph is beautiful and so are the words! November here is definitely still autumn and doesn't feel like winter.

Carol Steel said...

Hi Shoreacres,
We don't actually have snow yet either. I'm just thinking ahead and also remembering from last year. Thanks for your kind comment.

Carol Steel said...


Thanks for your comment. It is still autumn here as well, though the air is carrying winter. The photo was from last winter and the words are written in anticipation of the approaching season.

Jane Tims said...

Hi Carol. I like the metaphors of winter pulling a blanket to its chin and the scratching on the sky. Jane

Carol Steel said...

Thank you Jane.