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Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Snow Clearing

Snow clearing from the weekend's storm took over two hours of steady work.   Today Gary is still sore and achy and resting.  I am encouraging him to get away from here for a trip but he isn't able to find reasonably priced flights to his destination of choice.  He wants to visit Julie in Alberta.  Yes, that's going from one wintry place to another, but another man is in charge of snow removal there.  It would be a welcome change and a great visit with his daughter and son-in-law and three wonderful grandchildren.

Now to find a flight...


Unknown said...

Are you familiar with kayak.com and work the connections from halifax to get the best discount. I always park at the hotel Quality Inn i think, when going to Calgary, to overfly TO and get the best discount. The moncton toronto portion from Moncton is the most expensive and least in package discounts, except to Clearwater which is a couple hundred dollars.
From Bangor on certain days you can fly to Florida, and return for about $150. + / - return. Give my old friend a hug for me. Best. Enjoy your creativity and blog.

Carol Steel said...

Thanks David. I'll pass that along to Gary. He wants to get to Edmonton, Alberta which is where his daughter Julie and family live. I think he deserves a trip away after 8 months of looking after me. Bless him!