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Sunday, April 28, 2013

The Anywhen of Spring

Consider this.
If the anywhen of spring
arrives, dressed in daffodils
and squills, a soiree
to celebrate would have
its anywhy.

And the anywhich
of the whoop it up
simply must include
(please say if you concur)
some chiffon gowns and dancing shoes.
No?  Too much?  Then we'll agree
on ragged jeans and running shoes.
But most important,
there must be cheese
with razzleberry swirls.
Not just anycake will do.

We'll bless the anywhere of blooms
with crumbs of cake
and drops of wine,

And yes, yes to rejoicing
anywhither and anywise,
the moment spring bursts in.

We'll whoop her up with
wine and cake.  Give her
the whole shebang.

We'll welcome spring
with all the best 
of anyhow
we can.

The words and photo are copyright Carol Steel.   This is a silly poem to welcome spring on this warm Sunday in April.  The raspberry swirl cheesecake is from Tony's Pastries.  Have you been there?  If not, shame on you.  Anything from Tony's is an orgasm for the taste buds.  Tony's Pastries is located at 137 McLaughlin Drive in Moncton, New Brunswick.  This isn't an ad nor did I receive anything for my enthusiasm and endorsement, (but I would take a raspberry shortbread cookie, if it were offered).  Go.  Try it.  Anything is yummilicious at Tony's anywise.


Rambling Woods said...

Lovely fun way to welcome spring.. Michelle

Carol Steel said...

It was fun, the cheesecake was inspiration, and the warming weather makes me giddy. Thank you Michelle.

Crafty Green Poet said...

I see a bit of ee cummings inspired poetry there, very entertaining.

The cake looks delicious!

Carol Steel said...

Yes, CGP it is eecummings inspired and harder to write than it looks. The cake was so good that it was a disappointment without measure when it was gone. Thanks for your comment.