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Thursday, August 1, 2013

Choke Cherry Tree

A few years ago, town street improvements killed our choke cherry trees.  In exchange, we received a wider paved street, curbs and a retaining wall, as our property was lower than the newly raised street.  Of course, we were billed from the town for these improvements, at a hefty rate per linear foot of frontage.  While the street was smoother, wider, prettier, there were no choke cherry trees.

Now they have returned.  I thought the roots were completely damaged from the backhoe chew-holes in our yard, but, no.  This year for the first time, the trees have grown enough to bear fruit. 

I took a photo or two, as I love the way sunlight shines on the berries and makes them so cheerful and rosy.  I could pick them but won't, much as I like choke cherry jelly.  There really aren't enough berries for that, not yet.  Perhaps another year there will be lots of fruit.

This year, I'm leaving the bounty to the birds in our yard.  They are watching closely and taking the ripest ones as they are ready. 

I have a sense of nature being as it should be again in our yard, with choke cherries glistening in the sun and a tree that was lost, returned.

Some days just feel so good.


ariverflowsby said...

Growing up, we had several of these trees. Pretty much useless, except some made wine from them.

Rambling Woods said...

Well that is good news...

Jane Tims said...

Hi Carol. I love choke cherries, especially after they turn black. One of my best memories is of picking choke cherries with my Dad by the road. Jane

Gwen Buchanan said...

Chokecherries remind me of childhood and how they made us pucker up when we indulged in them.. and indulge in them we did. The bushes made great camps and hideouts for us kids. Multi purpose bushes!! cheers!

Carol Steel said...

Thank you everyone for comments. I remember from my childhood, people making wine from the berries or sometimes jam. I love the way they glisten in the sunlight like jewels.