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Friday, August 30, 2013

Good-Bye Seamus Heaney

Photo is used with permission from Creative Commons
Seamus Heaney, Ireland's foremost poet, winner of the Nobel Literature prize in 1995 has died at age 74.   He explored the wild beauty and the political torment of Ireland for fifty years. 

His work has taught me about poetry, about writing poetry and how vibrant language captures the emotions we all share.  I searched for a quote from his works to include in this blog from among the many I have copied into my journal; copies to keep and to re-read and to study.   The searching process has reaffirmed that his work inspires and will continue to inspire me. 

The search has netted no one quote to share but many which touch my heart and make an ache in the pit of my stomach over his passing. 

I extend sympathy to his family and friends and hope they take comfort in his continued existence through the written word.  As, do I.


Margie said...

He will live on through his written words, a wonderful poet!

Jane Tims said...

Hi carol. A loss to the world ... but we still have his words. Jane

Dave King said...

A great poet and a great loss. He was once very kind to me. A real gentleman. Not too much to say genius, I think.

A Heron's View said...

Yes, such a pity that Seamus has gone from us and also that the media so very rarely ever showed him smiling and he had a great smile too.

So rest in peace Seamus.

Carol Steel said...

Thanks for sharing your thoughts as well.