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Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Roux, Maine Coon Cat

This is our newest cat, a Maine Coon.  He was a year old last week but will continue to grow until he is three.  It appears that he will be a big boy by the end of another two years.  All our cats are indoor cats and never go outside.  They enjoy bird watching through the window panes. 
We are lucky to have four delightful cats to share our home with, or perhaps, we share ... their home.


Crafty Green Poet said...

another beautiful cat!

Margie said...

You have the most beautiful cats.
Roux is gorgeous!
I miss my cat Smokey, had to let her go in April.
She was 19 years old and had a good life.

Take care, Carol

Neil Sampson said...

Ode to the Disappearing Song Bird

Cats are okay; through fowl and fair weathers,

but I've never seen no dog
with a mouthful of feathers!

Still, I'll yet raise a glass - "All felines! You're toasted!"

'cause I know that these comments will never get posted.

... your friend,

Rambling Woods said...

My two cats are indoor cats....love yours

Carol Steel said...

Thank you Juliet. All our cats are beautiful. We think so too.

Carol Steel said...

Dear Margie, it's difficult to lose a pet after so many years of companionship. My sympathies about Smokey.

Carol Steel said...

Hello Neil. Thanks for visiting my blog. Our cats never go outdoors and therefore never eat birds. I wouldn't have a cat that had to be out, and would eat the birds I try so hard to draw to the yard. I am also vigilant about putting the run to any cat that happens to come through our yard looking for feathered food. This makes much more work for me but the birds are worth it. As are the cats. Thanks for your poem.

Carol Steel said...

Hello Michele. I have only indoor cats. Where we live there is a by-law that cats can be outside only on a tether. I wouldn't let mine out anyway as I want the birds here too.

Jane Tims said...

Hi Carol. Your photos show your cat's personality. I love his focus in photo #2. Neil's poem is funny but not meant to be taken seriously. My Zoe would love to go outside, but I keep her in too. It is true that once they go out, ecology takes over. Jane

Carol Steel said...

Hi Jane,
It is impossible to change a cat's nature once they get outside. Keeping them in is best, to prevent bird carnage. I know Neil is joking. He and I have an ongoing argument about this every time we meet. Thanks for your comments.

shoreacres said...

Just as the others have said, your cats are beautiful. My Dixie Rose lives inside, too, and doesn't seem any worse for the experience.

We had quite a population of feral cats in the neighborhood for a while, but then the drought came, the coyotes showed up looking for food, and nature restored her balance a bit. It happens. ;)

Carol Steel said...

Hi shoreacres,
Thanks for your comment. Yes, nature does seek balance, for us and in spite of us. A good thing if we don't interfere.