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Thursday, May 21, 2015


Lauren Wiggins
Photo is not mine but comes from the CBC news story linked below.


(Twenty Facebook Statuses)

1.      You need to know
2.      The past is just a story
3.      #enlargethepicture
4.      Open to anyone who wants to enter
5.      A woman’s body is not dangerous
6.      #feelconnected
7.      At the school, buns are rising
8.      #gowiththeflow
9.      The boys are lined up
10.  Jelly doughnut dimpled down the middle
11.  One share, 9 people like this
12.  A woman’s body will not make you do stupid things
13.  That black you see is your shadow
14.  What does this mean?
15.  The answer is honest, candid, resonates
16.  #feelssoright
17.  If you do stupid things
18.  #twelvesecondslater
19.  it is because you choose to do stupid things
20.  Write the next chapter 

The idea for the poem comes from “20 Imaginary Facebook Statuses” by Natasha Tiniacos. Click here to learn more about her.

My poem is composed of actual Facebook statuses posted by friends and acquaintances, pulled from my account on May 19, 2015 -- just an arrangement I put together.

The assignment this week is to write a political poem in a style I haven't used before.  Here I understand political to mean taking a stand. I chose gender politics, the stereotypes and biases which fill our world. 

In particular, I am interested in and annoyed by the fact that a 
young woman was disciplined in her high school recently, for
coming to class wearing a sundress with her bra straps showing.

She was accused of distracting the male students and of being an 
enticement to bad behaviour. Click here for link to CBC story.

Aren't young men and all men responsible for their own choices of 
behaviour? Aren't we all, each one of us?

I apologize for the uneven spacing of the previous lines. Blogger is misbehaving.

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