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Friday, February 25, 2011

Birthday in February

February is a marvellous month for a birthday. 

It’s a month that cries out for something cheery.  Midway through winter, February means harsh cold, weekly snowstorms, and the house held hostage by meter-long icicles and hip deep crusty snow; snow so profound that the jolly January snow person has become a mysterious squat mound.

Sure, February has Valentine’s Day…a bit over-commercialized and lasting too briefly.  But after the V-Day hoopla, the extended stretch of wintry weather remains.

The daylight hours lengthen; 25 minutes longer each week, at this time of year.  The sun seems to radiate more powerful warmth.  However, there yet will be...weeks and weeks and weeks of winter, in New Brunswick.

Having a celebratory day, a birthday to anticipate in February, is fantastic.  We’re going out for supper to make merry, if the next snowstorm (expected to dump 40 centimetres / 16 inches) doesn’t bury us, like the January snow person.

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