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Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Driving at Any Age

Driving at Any Age

My oldest grand-child just earned her driver’s license.  How exciting!

At the same time, my mother just sold her last car and has decided to stop driving anymore.  How poignant!

My grand-daughter is excited and full of readiness to face her future as she learns new skills and becomes a great driver.  My mother, who is still a competent driver herself, may naturally feel some sadness as she readies to face her future, being chauffeured from place to place.

Life is a cycle.

How wise of each of them to recognize that the time is right to make significant changes.

To my grand-daughter, I say:
Congratulations. Be safe, drive well, and improve your skills as you learn from experience. Enjoy this privilege and the freedom you’ve earned. 

To my mother, I say: 

Congratulations.  Be content, live well, enjoy not having to deal with the expenses of car ownership and revel in being picked up and dropped door-to-door, in any weather.

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