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Saturday, May 7, 2011

Letting Go

Letting Go

If you want to love a child
to raise her, you must listen and
be able to hear all that she says,
called truth.

If you want to help a child
to guide him, you must nurture and
know that he will have his own wisdom,
called life.

If you want to parent
to be a mom, you must be patient
with all that you learn from each other,
called love.

Child grows up, guidance not
needed, relationships change.

What’s left are the memories,
and love shining though

lighting the new pathways--
of letting go, letting go.

Writing / words are mine.  Poem form is patterned on:  “#17. Push boat with a flow of water” by Kim Goldberg, from her book called Ride Backwards on Dragon (Pig Squash Press, 2007).   Learn more about Kim Goldberg at http://liuhebafagirl.wordpress.com  

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