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Thursday, May 19, 2011

Thoughts on Writing

It’s after midnight and I can’t sleep.  My head is busy and won’t rest.

I am making lists in my brain of “To Do’s” so thought to rise, and put the list on paper to cease the jangle of racing ideas.

I want to start writing in a more purposeful and intense way.  If I get up earlier in the mornings, I can spend several hours writing before my other tasks call me away.  If I use that self-discipline, I will be more grounded. 

If I don’t write enough each day, I feel agitated and slightly “off”, with a sort of un-wellness and frustration.  If I don’t write enough, the words roll around inside my head creating uneasiness.  If I don’t write enough, then when I do settle to write, the words come tumbling, dashing, jumbling out so quickly that I cannot contain all of them and some are lost. That feels bad too.

I enjoy blogging and photography and the short windows into my day that these provide.  But blogging doesn’t allow enough scope; I need and want more.  A challenge.

I need to find a way through to the more and a way to capture time away from distractions, to write for several hours in a row, each day.  I’ll begin tomorrow or really, later today at the other end of this morning.

I also need to be clearer about what I want to say.  It isn’t enough just to write, there must be something to say that’s worth saying.

I am tired now and starting to sense that I am talking about my own belly-button lint, the way folks ramble on about the mundane, on blogs…

Before I become really obnoxious, I’m off to bed.

Too late, you say?

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