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Tuesday, May 3, 2011



Once the fresh pale green leaves break open, it will be impossible to see the western horizon from our house. 

Right now, the trees are dark, bare and budding.    We live on a hillside and look to the west over rooftops, through a substantial network of exposed tree branches.

The spring sun has moved from its winter position in the skies.  It is now possible to enjoy sunsets--at least briefly, until the leaves cram in.

The setting sun is startling and splendid.  Disappearing with vivid colours into the dusk, it bursts out--just as it sinks below the horizon. 

Sundown outlines the stark branches against a kaleidoscope riot of color.

The soft ceilings of clouds reflect the last slanting rays of yellow-orange-pink-purple-gray.

Night falls, darkness fills, the evening cools.

These displays are nature’s vibrant short-lived gift, all the more special because this is the only time in the year when we can observe the sun setting, from our house.

Photos are mine.

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