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Sunday, June 19, 2011

Of Curtains and Towels

Of Curtains and Towels

I spent the afternoon at my mother’s.  Today’s project was installing window curtain rods upstairs; two towel rods, three hand towel rings, one toilet paper holder and one glass shelf in the downstairs bathroom.

I’ve not done repairs and installations since I married a “handy” man six years ago.  I know how to do all these things and did them for years and years when I lived by myself.  I’m merely rusty and slower now, so the jobs took four hours today.

Mum and I spent a good deal of the time discussing where each rod and ring should go and in measuring distances.  Once I started actually working, it went quickly; drill, wall anchor, screw and bracket, then screw driver, do it all again.

From Mum’s upstairs windows, there is a spectacular view of fields, the river and more fields across the river.  Everything we could see is profound green, shimmery wet and luxuriantly lush from the downpours.  Thunderstorms rolled through all afternoon, offering full spectrum rainbows and menacing lightening, reverberating thunder and brief torrential rains.

In between rains, Mum planted her tomato plants in the garden.  And, we discovered the screen door for her front entry, leaning against the back of the house. All the screen door needs are minor screen repairs and some hearty wood screws for the hinges.

That’ll be the next project!

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