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Sunday, July 17, 2011

A Porsche and A Party

A Porsche and A Party

It’s early morning and already the sun has heated the air to 20 degrees centigrade.  The skies are pale blue, nearly cloudless. 

Our kitchen table is located in part of the house that used to be a sun-porch.  When we open all eight windows, it feels like a sun-porch again!  The kitchen floods with light and with birdsong carried on the warm breezes.  Our cats are contented sitting in chairs in front of the windows, peering at the activities at the feeders.

Mornings here are peaceful, quiet except for the birds chirping and twittering, and the cats chattering back at them, or at us, requesting breakfast or pats.

Gary is sitting at the table, intensely searching for pictures of an older Porsche 930 Turbo, maybe 1986 to 1988.  He saw one last night at a friend’s birthday party and has been talking about it ceaselessly ever since.  He’s feeling envy; really just loves everything about fast cars.

I wasn’t able to attend the party last night; Gary took our gift and sandwiches. He tells me that it was wonderful, a large crowd of folks all getting together for a surprise birthday party for WM.  Good food, a beautiful home, stunning backyard, great conversation and lots of people he hadn’t seen for awhile and of course, hugs from the guest of honour on her birthday!

I’m feeling envious too, that I missed a good party last night.  Gary can’t stop talking about it.  Hope it was a surprise and a great time for WM.

Happy Birthday wishes, dear friend!

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