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Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Fluids and Maintenance

I woke this morning at 5 am to the sounds of a cat vomiting.  Sometimes I can talk myself into going back to sleep and cleaning it in the "regular morning time for getting up", but not today.  It was so loud and so close to the bed that I feared stepping into it later, so ... I am up, and trying to be quiet (after necessary cleaning activities) so that my husband can sleep.  The cats are ranging around looking for their breakfasts.  Oh, to have the sturdy digestive systems of cats...just threw up, think I'll eat again!

Across the street, my neighbour’s house lights the predawn shadows.  Talking to her yesterday, she told me that she has the same cold with which I struggle: watery eyes and runny nose, sinus aches and constant sneezing.  What’s that about misery loving company?  And at daybreak…

Well, so far all I've given is “bodily fluids reports”. 

We’ll have respite from additional snowfall until after the weekend, what luxury!  Ninety-three inches of snow blanket the South-eastern corner of NB.  The ice build up on our roof is menacing and the kitchen window leaks constantly.  Maintenance challenges for my husband when he wakes.

The heat pump is running finally: new thermostat, replacement circuit board and outdoor circuit breaker and lots of cash.  The garage door and the snow blower and the clothes dryer and the humidifier are acting badly, working inconsistently and causing concern.  I refuse to be upset.  Owning a house equals doing repairs.  We have our hands full. 

Oh, look … sunrise!  A dazzling winter day in New Brunswick!

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