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Thursday, February 10, 2011

Of Food and Comfort

Winter.  Frosty air.  Profuse snowfall.  No end in sight. February means “full on” winter in New Brunswick!  This cold, this ice and snow encourage me to hibernate.  My favourite place to “hole up” is my kitchen, a galley style room that opens into a bright dining area, reclaimed from a former sun porch with seven huge windows.  My kitchen is full of light and, in winter, bursting with cooking aromas – earthy soups, savoury stews, spicy tajines, rustic breads, scented biscuits, crispy cookies and wholesome granola, healthy plain foods that fill the tummy, thaw the heart and offer succulent satisfaction.  Despite being prone to hermit-like behaviour, I love to invite folks for meals, and embrace those who brave the cold to be fed in my snug kitchen, to share fragrant warmth and laughing company and hearty nourishment.  I delight in this homey combination of shelter, contentment and welcome.  Comfort!  They open my door retreating from the thin brittle air and are enveloped by the plump tantalizing heat and aromatics of home cooking; I offer pleasure!   Ah, winter!  Mmmm, home!

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