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Friday, April 8, 2011

Detailing a Car

Have you detailed your car lately?

Gary first cleaned and detailed cars at Lounsbury’s Automotive during his high school summer holidays.  He learned how to detail a car from a boss who knew what he was doing, and who had rigid, lofty standards about the quality of work that goes into all the phases of detailing from the first wash to the last polish.

Do you know the difference between a wash/chamois dry and detailing? 

A wash/chamois dry can make your car look better; detailing can make it feel, smell and look like a brand new car.  It’s a difference created thorough hand cleaning with concentration on every detail inside and outside the car, and it takes time.

For Gary, spring cleaning means being outside doing a job he loves; being outdoors, in the warmer weather, washing and detailing a car. 

He loves to gather the piles of microfiber towels, trim treatment, spray-on detailer, car soap, wax, applicators, clay bars, vinyl and leather cleaners, upholstery cleaner, carpet cleaner, varsol, window cleaner, vacuum cleaner, power washer, tire cleaner, polisher plus a multitude of indispensable supplies. 

Once he has all his “stuff” gathered, he can transform a vehicle into a fresh smelling, shining thing of beauty.

Did I mention that this is a time consuming process?  He works meticulously and steadily, taking about 5 hours to detail an already fairly clean car, and up to between 7 and 8 hours to detail a car that hasn’t had much attention…quite dirty and stained inside, faded and dull outside. 

Gary has detailed cars for family and friends, for over 40 years, in his spare time outside of his paid employment with Nav Canada.  He certainly knows how to utilize work, effort and the skill of those years of experience, coaxing out the very best shine, the very best cleaning and the very best detailing.

Up to now, he’s given detailing as “gifts” to family and friends.  He’s now decided to start charging fees for his work, though he’ll still be giving detailing “gifts”, too.

How clean is your car?  How clean would you like it to be?  Step it up with detailing.

For fun, there is a YouTube video about Costly Car Detailing *Crazy*.  It’s about a detailer in England who charges a $5000. fee to detail just one car.  Take a look.

Paint so shiny that it reflects clouds and overhead wires


Anonymous said...

He did a terrific job on the car. Can't believe how shiny and super clean it is. Fantastic!

Carol Steel said...

He loves detailing cars and yes, he does fabulous work! Carol